Monday, 30 May 2011

Found Object Bench

For the next three weeks we I will be working on a self-initiated brief based on the location based research. I will be looking at benches: how the varnish wears away, the people who use them and there function. All this will probably turn into some form of metaphor for control - a bench in a public space tells us we are allowed to sit there, taking it away tells us we are not.
Or maybe I'll just make a bench:



New Project II

Tarmac and stone:


New Project

Brief: Get on a train, stay on for twenty minutes, exit left out of the station and walk for ten minutes. This is your research location. I ended up in a memorial garden in West Norwood, these are a couple of things I came home with. (I mostly spent the day thinking about benches.)

abstract sky




KittenCamp is a monthly meet up for web inspired advertising industry people (so I'm not sure why I was there...) to watch viral ads, drink beer and catch up. I went to the last meeting a week ago. Met some interesting people: Dan from helloyoucreatives and Nick and Gary from Sneaky Zebra



This week:

things 30.5

125 year anniversary Coke bottle.
6 packs of black frame polaroid film and postcards from the Impossible Project.
Flyers for the Tamesis Dock  and Smashing Time at the the Ragged School Museum.
LCC Illustration exhibition catalogue. See the work here.
'do you feel the same?' a flyer from my favourite piece from the exhibition.
'The Piracy Project' at Byam Shaw Library


Last week I went to a lecture by Daniel McClean as part of the Piracy Project at Byam Shaw library. He was both curator and lawyer on the Superflex project 'Free Sol Lewitt' - where copies of Lewitt's 'Untitled (Wall Structure)' were manufactured without the artists consent in the Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven and then given away to the public. His lecture raised interesting questions about privacy, copyright protection and the idea of 'the original'.